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Anime Addicts Con | Upcoming Cons in the surrounding area.

 I just found out about this convention being held in Memphis, TN. It's called Anime Addicts and I I think it's their first year.

Yasumicon - Miami, FL - FREE
Ancient City Con - Jacksonville, FL
San Japan - San Antonio, TX
Anime Festival Orlando - Orlando, FL
Anime Fest - Dallas, TX
Dragon*Con - Atlanta, GA
Realms Con - Corpus Christi, TX
Super Anime Day - Davie, FL
Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) - Atlanta, GA
Chi-Pa - West Palm Beach, FL

Taken from here.


Curious! A lot of the tri state area cons haven't been real successes but I may check it out.

Anime Con - Memphis

Check with the hotel, and you'll be able to confirm - there is only ONE convention being held in Janury: ShadowCon XIII. ShadowCon has booked all the available convention space, all the ballrooms, and they are the only convention that has a contract with the Holiday Inn.

And after 12 years of doing conventions in Memphis, now ShadowCon even has anime.

Re: Anime Con - Memphis

I got an e-mail earlier in the week that said this:
"AACon is running rough right now with the unforeseen plans at the hotel. As AAPrez mentioned on the forums, the Hotel messed up and booked a conference instead. We may have to postpone it. She is working things out right now, and we will hear what we need to do on Monday. Rest assured, please keep faith in her."

And just now I checked their website and they changed the date:
"This was not my personal decision, but all the con chairs together have chosen to move it to February 27-March 1, 2009. I know, it's over a month later... Also, we won't be at the Holiday Inn Select we originally planned. Too many things gone wrong there that we don't want to deal with."

Re: Anime Con - Memphis

Like i say, check with the Hotel.

The hotel can't "mess up" a contract that never existed.

There has only been one Convention booked with the Holiday Inn Select at Democrat and Airways for Jan. 9 thru 11, 2009. Only one. ShadowCon. There is still, only one convention booked at that hotel for Jan. 9 thru 11. From the very beginning of this year, and for every single day of 2008, there was only ONE convention with a contract for that weekend: ShadowCon. Only one convention signed a contract, paid deposits, and told the truth to the public.

Take the time to learn the truth before you spend any $$$$.

ShadowCon has been in business for 12 years - they won't take your money and run.