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Magic in Starkville - UPDATED!!

So, wow! A year and a half after I first posted this, I'm still getting people directed to me from this post. Quite a bit has changed since the original posting, so I'm updating to provide more accurate information.

The 'official' club we were going to start at State didn't really come through, as we had limited interest at first. However, a more informal group still meets fairly regularly, and anyone is welcome to join. Most of the play is casual, and focuses mainly on standard and EDH, but I think from time to time there are sanctioned drafts, whenever they can get enough people.

I personally am not as involved in the Magic group as I used to be; the best point of contact now is Steven Lacoste, who you can email at wrathofb@gmail.com. If he doesn't get back to you within a reasonable time, feel free to send me a note at alf198@msstate.edu and I will try to get him in touch with you. As far as I know, the group usually meets around 6:30 or 7 on Friday evenings at the Krystal on Highway 12 in Starkville, so if you'd like to just stop by that's probably an option as well.

At any rate, if you're interested in slinging cards in Starkville, we are definitely here and we definitely want to play with you! Send an email or drop by if you're able, we'd love to have more people join!


Still Around?

It looks like you haven't updated in a while and this may be a dead comment, but I was an old Magic Geek in high school and recently thought about getting back into it after playing the xbox live arcade game. Anyway, if you ever check this hit me up at kelleyds@gmail.com or on AIM at eskimobob7 ... I'm in Columbus by the way.

Re: Still Around?


I have a few friends in south Mississippi that are very interested in getting Vintage started. To be clear: There are no 10-Proxy Vintage tournaments that I know of (and I have been looking for 10 years) within 200 miles of Jackson. If you guys are interested, I know that several of us are willing to make the drive to have a real tourney, as the shops are not helping us AT ALL in this regard. If anyone still reads this, my email is NR12286@aol.com. I am interested in helping get Vintage started in Mississippi even if it means a couple of people getting together and playing on some weekends or something.