PersaCon 2011

PersaCon 2011 will take place at the Radisson in Huntsville, AL during July 15-17th.
Badges are currently $30 and the hotel is $89 per night.

Guests include: Kyle Herbert, Patrick Seitz, Mark Musashi, Michael McConnohie, Melodee Spevac, Wendy Powell, Brian woods, and more.

PersaCon will have many events this year, most of which go with this year's theme: Classics.
Blitzball Tournament based on the Final Fantasy X game of the same name and takes place in the hotel's pool
Cosplay Fantasia is a three day interactive event. You can read more about how the staff is transforming the hotel in this article.
Gym Leaders Wanna Fight! is a three day interactive event for Pokemon fans
Harry Potter fans can get ready for the new movie with Project Pheonix
Cosplay and AMV contests

More details are announced on the official website and facebook page. For more information on the Pokemon event please see Ministry of Silly Suit's facebook page or forum.

looking for an artist

Im working on a tabletop miniature game. This is something I want to see published, to that in I really need an artist for concept art, illustrations and the like. This will be a sci-fi/post-apocaliptic skirmish.

Its a long term project that really wouldnt require alot of work for the artist. I plan on starting beta testing the rules in March 2010.

Only thing is, I cant compensate you until if/when I publish. Of course you own your artwork until we agree on rights.

Interested? comment and we could work out more details.
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Magic in Starkville - UPDATED!!

So, wow! A year and a half after I first posted this, I'm still getting people directed to me from this post. Quite a bit has changed since the original posting, so I'm updating to provide more accurate information.

The 'official' club we were going to start at State didn't really come through, as we had limited interest at first. However, a more informal group still meets fairly regularly, and anyone is welcome to join. Most of the play is casual, and focuses mainly on standard and EDH, but I think from time to time there are sanctioned drafts, whenever they can get enough people.

I personally am not as involved in the Magic group as I used to be; the best point of contact now is Steven Lacoste, who you can email at If he doesn't get back to you within a reasonable time, feel free to send me a note at and I will try to get him in touch with you. As far as I know, the group usually meets around 6:30 or 7 on Friday evenings at the Krystal on Highway 12 in Starkville, so if you'd like to just stop by that's probably an option as well.

At any rate, if you're interested in slinging cards in Starkville, we are definitely here and we definitely want to play with you! Send an email or drop by if you're able, we'd love to have more people join!


Anyone going to CoastCon this year?

For the first time they have a guest Im interested in (David Weber) and I have been going since the late 80s.

I honestly wasnt going to go this year, the con seems to be winding down.

Over the years the dealer room has gotten smaller, the guests still move between B and D level, post Katrina the hotels treat us like crap and everything is more expensive, including the cost to get in.

The website is never updated, and the pre-reg on it STILL doesnt work.

So I really dont understand whats going on. It used to be fun to goto and drink and game, then party all night. Now they are moving toward getting rid of the parties.

MUW Anime Con

MUW (Mississippi University for Women) is hosting an anime convention on their campus.
Columbus, MS
Saturday, October 25th
$5 before October 18th | $7 at the door

There will be panels, video game tournaments, and a cosplay competition.

E-mail Tiffany for more information about pre-registration.
tmk1 @
(Of course, no spaces ;p)

I wish I could give more detailed information, but I'm just passing the word around for my friends- I don't go to MUW. It's their first Con.
Derby: Viva la MRV - by soadchik

Roller Derby Recruitment Meeting


Interested in roller derby?  Come to our Recruitment Meeting on Sept 13 at The Cherokee Inn (Jackson, MS)!  The meeting will begin at 7pm!  Whether you are interested in becoming a skater, ref, coach, cheerleader, or just a volunteer, this meeting is for YOU! We except all skill levels!  Don't want to skate?  There are many non-skating positions such as standing refs, bench coaches, cheerleaders, and volunteers.  Guys can join in the fun too!!!  We are in need of refs, support staff, and volunteers.