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rynthehylian in mississippigeek

PersaCon 2011

PersaCon 2011 will take place at the Radisson in Huntsville, AL during July 15-17th.
Badges are currently $30 and the hotel is $89 per night.

Guests include: Kyle Herbert, Patrick Seitz, Mark Musashi, Michael McConnohie, Melodee Spevac, Wendy Powell, Brian woods, and more.

PersaCon will have many events this year, most of which go with this year's theme: Classics.
Blitzball Tournament based on the Final Fantasy X game of the same name and takes place in the hotel's pool
Cosplay Fantasia is a three day interactive event. You can read more about how the staff is transforming the hotel in this article.
Gym Leaders Wanna Fight! is a three day interactive event for Pokemon fans
Harry Potter fans can get ready for the new movie with Project Pheonix
Cosplay and AMV contests

More details are announced on the official website and facebook page. For more information on the Pokemon event please see Ministry of Silly Suit's facebook page or forum.