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Geeks that live in Mississippi.
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A place where Geeks that live in Mississippi can get togther and talk about their fandoms.
If you like anime, manga, video games, role playing, or other geeky/nerdy fandoms and you live in Mississippi feel free to join and discuss your fandoms. Hopefully you'll be able to find fellow fans that live around you, and maybe even meet-up with them.

Post your Friend Codes for your Nintendo DS games here: http://community.livejournal.com/mississippigeek/615.html

Showing off Icons that you made are allowed as long as they are related to this community.
Posting Fanart and Fanfiction are allowed and encouraged.
Advertising other communities that are related to this community is allowed.
Advertising nearby Conventions is allowed and encouraged.
Please don't flame others.
Use LJcuts for long posts, pictures, or spoilers.
Do not post Pornographic or otherwise offensive material.
If you are unsure if something is allowed or not then just leave a comment on rynthehylian's Journal.

Currently looking for:
Someone to make a layout for us.
Someone to make a nice profile for our User Info Page.
Suggestions on what to put in the interests list.
Idea for an icon.

Admin: rynthehylian
Mods: None. Apply to be a Mod by contacting the Admin!

If you think that something needs to be added to the community or have any other questions or comments then please contact rynthehylian.
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